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Become a Logistician or Supply Chain Manager
Logistics in action with the Trans-Siberian Railway

Logistics in action with the Trans-Siberian Railway

Logistics is the magic behind Fed Ex’s same-day delivery service. It also explains how Santa delivers billions of gifts in a short time period…

Logistics or supply chain management is a great career choice for natural problem solvers. Median salaries for logisticians range from about $70K to $80K, with the highest wages coming from federal government jobs — and job opportunities are growing. (Source:

This article describes online training and the work of logisticians. Note: If you have military experience with logistics, you might not need a degree to get a great job in this field.

Become a Logistician Online – Reputable Online Degree Programs in Logistics

Here are accredited online degree programs in logistics at the associate, bachelor and graduate levels.

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Logisticians help coordinate troop movements and supplies in Camp LeJeune, NC.

Logisticians help coordinate troop movements and supplies in Camp LeJeune, NC.

No Degree Needed? Military Experience Counts

If you already have experience with logistics – for example, if you learned logistics in the military – then you might not need a degree. Some employers will value several years of on-the-job experience as much as a bachelor’s degree.

About Degrees in Logistics

With an associate’s degree in logistics you could be hired for an entry-level job in the field. To move ahead though, staying with school and earning a bachelor’s degree is usually required. (It wasn’t always that way, but supply chain management is becoming more complex.)

Relevant degree programs are in supply chain management or logistics as well as business, finance and industrial engineering.

You can also enhance your marketability by getting certified by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics or the International Society of Logistics.

What Logisticians Do – About Work in Supply Chain Management

Many ideas in logistics have come from the military. When troops travel, logisticians help them move efficiently and ensure that food and other supplies are available. Some logisticians today work in the military, but most work for other organizations. They coordinate the movement of products to consumers.

The work of a logistician involves the entire life cycle of a product. If you become a logistician, you’ll oversee everything from receiving products to warehousing them, delivering them, and possibly accepting returns.

Sometimes the work is stressful and it’s usually fast-paced. For example,you might need to quickly alter a supply chain if a country supplying raw materials is hit by a typhoon or goes to war!

About 25% of logisticians in the US work for the federal government.

About 25% of logisticians in the US work for the federal government.

Where Logisticians Work

Logisticians work in a wide variety of industries. They help move beauty products, clothing, automobile parts – you name it. In the US in 2010, about one quarter of supply chain managers worked for the federal government, especially with the military. About one quarter worked for manufacturers.

Some other typical employers include technical services companies and wholesalers. About 10% of logisticians manage companies.

Reputable Online Degree Programs in Supply Chain Management

Associate degree in logistics online – Iowa Central Community College

Bachelor degree in logistics online – Missouri State

Ph.D. in logistics online – Georgia Southern

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