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Scary or Superhero? NASA Robot Valkyrie


It’s R5 Valkyrie, NASA’s 6’2″ humanoid robot!

Valkyrie was designed to drag you from a burning building or stroll on Martian soil… but nightmarish scenarios come to mind. (Hasn’t NASA seen Terminator?)

This robot is equipped with cameras and can easily move through wreckage. It was developed for the 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge, which is dedicated to helping humans after disasters.

Valkyrie Is In Outer Space Right Now

The experimental android is now being tested on the International Space Station. It’s designed to work with Earth’s natural gravity range for now: Valkyrie can balance well on Earth’s diverse terrains, which is essential to effective rescue work in disaster zones.

But Earth isn’t the limit. “We want to get to Mars,” said Valkyrie team leader Nicolaus Radford. “Likely, NASA will send robots ahead of the astronauts to the planet.”

Is NASA planning to colonize the red planet with droids? It wouldn’t take too long. The entire robot took nine months to construct at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. A follow-up is already underway.

Steely Yet Soft

Valkyrie might look imposing, but it’s covered in soft materials to feel more comforting to humans. Are you comforted?


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